Rowland Ward Taxidermy Antelope5

Taxidermy Topi by R. Ward

A beautiful original piece of taxidermy by Rowland Ward, circa latter part of the 19th century…

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Product Description

A beautiful taxidermy Topi by Rowland Ward…

Although we are unsure of the exact age of this piece, we believe that it would date to the latter part of the 19th century, circa 1890s. Made by the renowned taxidermist Rowland Ward, this piece oozes charm and quality. This particular mount is a Topi, which is part of the antelope family and native to Africa. With the statement horns protruding from its head, this piece is striking in appearance

Being an original piece by Rowland Ward, the trademark hand written number is on the reverse, along with the paper stamp. This piece is ready to by ‘wall mounted’ with the pre-made hole on the rear of the mount. Although the piece is structurally good, there are a few tatty areas that may require a little touching up. That said, we actually love it as it is…

We are offering this piece in ‘as found’ condition, therefore there is natural wear and tear. In general it is in nice shape, yet it is showing its age in some areas, specifically the ears. There are some rough edges and surface abrasions, some fur loss and some tatty areas scattered around the mount, yet we don’t believe there is anything detrimental to the structure, and of course the ‘look and feel’. This piece is beautiful in the flesh and oozes charm and authenticity. Please do study the photos to help with your analysis as it would be hard to highlight all imperfections…

Dimensions : Depth : 54cm, Width : 39cm, Height : 71cm

Condition : Structurally good, some surface scars and abrasions, tatty and dirty in places, some losses to the hair in places, so tatty areas on the nose and the ears

Postage : Due to the size and fragile nature of this item, it is listed as local collection only. We do however have an affordable courier on hand who would happily provide a postage quote to your address

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Dimensions 54 x 39 x 71 cm