Rockabilly Carved Wooden Pig8

Rockabilly Pig

A unique carved wood pig in rockabilly attire, circa latter part of the 20th century…

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Product Description

A charming carved, wooden pig…

Although we are unsure of the actual age of this piece, we would suggest that it dates to the latter part of the 20th century, circa 1990s. We understand from the previous owner that this was original used as decor in an American themed diner. A tricky one to date, but we know that it certainly wasn’t made ‘yesterday’…

Carved in wood, and standing just over 1 metre in the height, the pig is a fun piece, depicting that of the ‘Rockabilly style’, as seen in the early parts of the 1950s. We think it’s a cool display piece, and although the nose has had some previous knocks, we think this adds to its charm and authenticity

We are offering this piece in ‘as found’ condition, therefore there is some natural wear and tear. The pig is structurally good and strong, and perfectly ‘free stands’. There’s some surface wear and tear, including scratches, some wood chipping and some paint chipping. The nose is tatty, as it looks like there was a previous break or a crack. That said, it’s still solid and one couldn’t move it with ones hand. As above, we think it makes it unique!. One could of course give it a new paint job with ease. Please do study the photos to help with your analysis as it would be hard to highlight all imperfections…

Dimensions : Depth : 25cm, Width : 26cm, Height : 101cm

Condition : Structurally good, some surface marks and scratches, some wood chipping, a little tatty in places, some paint chipping, a notable cracking around the nose area

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Additional Information

Dimensions 25 x 26 x 101 cm