Male Mannequin

A delightful full body mannequin in papier mache, moulded cardboard and wooden limbs, circa mid to late 20th century…


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A quite charming full body male mannequin…

Although we are unsure of the actual age of this piece, we believe it would date to the mid to late part of the 20th century. Stamped with a label “David Morgan Ltd, Cardiff”, we would assume this was used as a display piece in one of the department stores or maybe in the back rooms…

The mannequin is quite unique in its build… The main body is made of a moulded cardboard covered in paper (papier mache esq), the face is made of a moulded foam and the arms are of a wooden nature. Put all the elements together, and you have quite an eye catching piece…

The arms articulate at both the shoulder and the elbow, and the heads moves on its axis (and is removable). Their are no hands, but it doesn’t detract from the overall look and feel. The mannequin is supported in the photos, as it doesn’t quite ‘free stand’ on its own

A cool display piece and a true ‘one off’. Great for the fashion industry or even as a cool collectable or talking point in your home

We are offering this piece in ‘as found’ condition, therefore there is some natural wear and tear. The mannequin is good structurally yet the surface shows some scars, small tears and abrasions (including some writing and the label as mentioned above). We love how it looks… it’s shabby and weathered in areas, but we feel it simply adds to its charm and authenticity. Please do study the photos to help with your analysis as it would be hard to highlight all imperfections…

Dimensions : Depth : 29cm, Width : 45cm, Height : 170cm

Condition : Structurally good, some surface marks and scratches, some tatty areas, some writing, original label on right arm, no hands, general aged wear and tear

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Dimensions 29 x 45 x 170 cm