Highways Demonstration Model

Highways Demonstration Model

An unusual road or rail safety demonstration model with illuminations, circa mid part of the 20th century…


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A cool illuminated demonstration model…

Although we are unsure of the exact age and purpose of this piece, we believe it would date to the mid part of the 20th century, circa 1950s. Based on the label in the bottom right hand corner, we assume this is of German origin. We think this was possibly a demonstration model for either the highways or maybe the railways but unfortunately we have no provenance and have actually never seen anything like it before

Made with a thin wooden frame and then wrapped with a thin metal surround, the model is unusual yet pretty cool on the eye too. The first thing to note is that when switched on, there are flashing lights and static lights appearing. The middle section flashes with a Red light, and one can turn the small handle above, which intern moves the metal dials. The far left section (which shows the traffic lights), has static lights on at all times, yet when one turns the metal knob underneath, it reveals a new pattern of light formations. Keep turning and a different combination will illuminate. Please note, we think this metal knob may have had a handle or something to support it, as although it works and turns, it is a little tricky to do so. The far right light (at the top) does have a switch underneath, yet when pushed nothing actually happens…

We have added a brief video on YouTube to show this piece when plugged in. Simply click this link or copy and paste into your browser…

This is an interesting piece for the road or rail enthusiast, and possibly a ‘one off’ survivor. Structurally the entire piece is good and strong, and one could easily unscrew the wooden board on the reverse to reveal the interior. Although we are selling this piece with illuminations, we haven’t fully tested it for completion and haven’t PAT tested it too. Being sold as a decorative piece or for restoration…

We are offering this piece in ‘as found’ condition, therefore there is some natural wear and tear. There are some surface scars and abrasions, some paint chipping and general tatty areas, yet the sign is structurally good and strong with no breakages or cracks. It’s rusty in areas and naturally it shows its age in places, but we feel the current condition simply adds to its charm and authenticity. Please do study the photos to help with your analysis as it would be hard to highlight all imperfections…

Dimensions : Depth : 21cm, Width : 100cm, Height : 51cm

Condition : Structurally good, surface marks and scratches, weathered patina in areas, a little tatty and dirty in places, some surface abrasions, paint chipping, insides not checked for completion, not PAT tested (recommended by the new owner)

Postage : Due to the size and weight of this item, it is listed as local collection only. We do however have an affordable courier on hand who would happily provide a postage quote to your address

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Dimensions 27 x 100 x 51 cm