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Casino Dice Lamps Pair

A unique and rare pair of casino lamps, hand made from over 250 dice, circa mid part of the 20th century…

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Product Description

A superb pair of ‘dice’ lamps…

These are awesome! Although we are unsure of the exact age of these pieces, we understand from the previous owner that they could date to the mid part of the 20th century, circa 1940s. Originating from New York, the lamps were originally used in a casino. Although this won’t be for everyone, we love the fact that the current colouration is due to staining from nicotine or smoking within the casino!. We love the patination and we bet these have some cool stories to tell…

The lamps are hand made and probably ‘one offs’. Each lamp is made from a good 200+ dice (or ‘di’), which are glued together to create these superb structures. Another awesome part is the fact that these have their original wiring, which includes original Bakelite switches (located on the flex) and also the Black ‘twistable’ knobs at the top. Essentially when plugged in, one can turn the lamps on and off in two different places. For us, these pieces are exceptional and we think someone would love them just as much as we do. They are lightweight in their design, yet have a certain charm and elegance about them, perfectly ‘free standing’ too…

We are offering these pieces in ‘as found’ condition, therefore there is some natural wear and tear. There are some surface scuffs and scars to the lamps, yet both are structurally good and secure. They are a little tatty in places with the odd surface bump or dent, and they are a little dirty. We thought we would leave them as they were found, as we feel this simply adds to their charm and authenticity. Simply plug in and play!. Please do study the photos to help with your analysis as it would be hard to highlight all imperfections.

Please note : Although these pieces are offered in full working order, these haven’t been PAT tested our end. We would recommend this to the new owner

Also, the light bulbs are not included with the lamps

Dimensions : Depth : 13cm, Width : 13cm, Height : 41cm

Condition : Structurally good, surface marks and scratches, paint chipping, a little tatty and dirty in places, not PAT tested by us (recommended by the new owner)

Postage : Medium Item £9 or local collection

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Additional Information

Dimensions 13 x 13 x 41 cm